Our Search API can be used to automatically predict and generate XPRESSO GIFs which closely matches with the emotion user wants to express using the entered message and personalized avatar.Otherwise a set of default GIFs is returned.


Hostname: xpresso2.mobigraph.co
Endpoint: /xpresso/v1/search
HTTP method: GET

Following attributes to be set-
1. API Key
2. Query

Test Integration Key

(6hSjEEYWVHTmSUUwvwjJzTpX8_zq8noEYq2-_r5ABnkq98vSw1jvHFKncRlYUA-C) can be used for trying out.

This key SHOULD not be used in production as it is rate limited.
The query attribute should be set with the actual search term and should be URL encoded.

Example Of Request



200 – application/json

"lowResGifs": [

"highResGifs": [

"txnId": "18e8bdaf-7560-4ad7-942a-116b9a8f2fb3",
"resultSize": 12,
"offset": 0


Result Payload Description

Name Type Desc
lowResGifs List of Strings Contains the URLs of low resolution GIFsist of Strings
highResGifs List of Strings Contains the URLs for high resolution GIFs
txnld String Request identifier
resultSize Int Gives the total count of matched GIFs
Offset Int Page position

Response Status Codes

500 – Server error
An error happened at XPRESSO server

429 – Too many requests
More requests have come than the limit

401 – Unauthorized
Invalid access key

400 – Bad request
Necessary parameters not set or invalid

502 – XPRESSO Servers not available

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